According to fresh data released by Time Magazine, public support in the United States for President Obama’s health care plan, known widely as “obamacare” has suffered a huge drop in public support – polls show. Only 37% of respondents queried said that they supported the President’s Health Care plan.


This new data comes, even though figures show that Obamacare is getting 100,000 new signups every weekend.

Since the new health plan came into force over a year ago, in November 2013, Obamacare has consistently suffered from a lack of public support, as many people have actually experienced higher health insurance costs, rather than diminished ones — as the Insurance was intended to achieve.

The previous low in public support for Obamacare, was 38%, which was recorded in January of this year. Most Republicans have been vehemently against the President’s health laws and have attempted to end Obamacare in the US house of congress and Senate.